Laceleaf Japanese Maple Tree Pruning

Planting and Care Tips
Japanese Laceleaf Maples

For those of you who have found this website, and are interested in learning more about my services, I look forward to helping make your Laceleaf Japanese Maple a beautiful focal point of your landscape. I also hope to hear from you soon regarding any questions you might have about my services or appointment schedules.

This next section will give information about planting, pruning, and also how to care for a Laceleaf Japanese Maple tree that may have disease or need transplanting.

I know that there are many of you, who like me, want to learn about planting Laceleaf Japanese Maples on your own. I have included some basics on planting and care tips, also some Laceleaf Japanese Maple references regarding products to use etc. Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have questions regarding this information, or should you decide that maybe it's more than you want to tackle on your own.

Planting- Find out when, where, and how to plant your Laceleaf Japanese Maple.

Tools- Get tips on what are the best tools to use when pruning and caring for your Laceleaf Japanese Maple tree. 

More Care-Learn about the right way to handle a diseased tree, the proper sunlight and water required, when to fertilize and spray, and what kind of soil is best used in order to maintian a healthy beautiful tree.

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planting laceleaf japanese maples


Planting Laceleaf Japanese Maples


"Marti turned my bushy maple tree into a thing   of beauty. I had no idea how beautiful these little trees could be and how the branches were so decorative and intertwined, until Marti trimmed it back and shaped it. Marti has been caring for my maple for several years and each year I have neighbors and people just passing by compliment my tree!"



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