Laceleaf Japanese Maple Tree Pruning


Laceleaf Japanese Maple Pruning Styles

Correct Pruning Styles:

You want to maintain the shape of your Laceleaf Japanese Maple in the most pure and natural form that you possibly can. Pruning Laceleaf Japanese Maple trees should be done in a cascading, flowing direction.



 These first two photos are great examples of the correct way to prune your Laceleaf Japanese Maple.



Incorrect Pruning Styles:

You DO NOT want to prune your tree to resemble any of the following:

Laceleaf Japanese Maple Pruning Styles       Umbrella



The Chainsaw Massacre or Hack and Whack on the left has abolutely no structure.  The Bowl Cut/Umbrella Look on the right has a straight trunk with round mounded top and a razor sharp bottom.       



 Lollipop     Cousin It or Mangy Dog Cut

On the left is the Lollipop with a straight stick and a rounded ball on top. To the right is Cousin It or Mangy Dog, just a big mound with no structure.