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What is a Laceleaf Japanese Maple?

The Laceleaf Japanese Maple is officially know as the Acer Palmatum Var. Dissectum. While many people simply refer to it as an "Ornamental Japanese Maple", other names by which it might be referenced would be the Threadleaf Japanese Maple, Cutleaf Japanese Maple, and or Tamukeyama Japanese Maple. Many people simply, however, refer to it as the generic "Japanese Maple".

This tree is a smaller form of Japanese Maple which usually appears in a cascading, weeping or mound formation. Various trees can be anywhere from 3-10 feet tall depending on age and variety.

Laceleaf Japanese Maples in Oregon truly bring a glorious surprise to the landscape, during each of our pronounced seasons. Spring quietly produces small red buds against a backdrop of winter branch structure. These buds then materialize during the summer months into a mass of delicate leaves, forming a strikingly beautiful focal point to your yard. Autumn then brings on those vibrant fall colors which are so spectacular here in the Pacific Northwest. And then there is winter. There is nothing more gorgeous than a bare Laceleaf Japanese Maple with each limb delicately draped in snow during the winter months.

Yes, the Laceleaf Japanese Maple is truly spectacular! The vibrant colors, magnificent branch structure, and delicate leaf formation combine together to produce what many feel is the most artistic from of the Japanese Maple. It is a tree which, when added to a beautifully landscaped yard, and pruned and cared for properly, can truly enhance its surroundings.

What do Japanese Maples look like?

To see some beautiful photos of the various types of Japanese Maples go to google and search for Threadleaf Japanese Maple, Cutleaf Japanese Maple, Tamukeyama Japanese Maple or Laceleaf Japanese Maple. There are many varieties. Far too many to list individually on this website. If you would like to research that perfect tree, for that perfect spot, check out "Japanese Maples, The Complete Guide to Selection and Cultivation." This book is written by J.D. Vertrees with illustrations by Peter Gregory. It is by far one of the best references regarding all species of Japanese Maples. While it addresses ALL kinds of Japanese Maples, the section that references Laceleaf Maples, is exceptional.

Where to Purchase a Laceleaf Japanese Maple.

While there are many wholesale and retail distributors in the Northwest that you can find on the internet, a favorite retail nursery near the Portland/Vancouver area is Tsugawa Nursery in Woodland, Washington. Tsugawa has a wonderful display of Laceleaf Japanese Maples. They also provide classes from time to time on how to prune this type of tree.  That, along with the actual trees for purchase, and a full range of pruning tools and supplies, makes for a fabulous one stop shopping experience. Marti highly recommends Tsugawa Nursery if you are purchasing, and or pruning your own Laceleaf Japanese Maples.

Another more local nursery, just south of Portland in Sherwood, Oregon, is Loen Nursery, Inc. ( Loen Nursery provides a wide variety of Japanese Maples for both the retail and wholesale market.


Laceleaf Japanese Maples in Oregon




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