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Pruning Laceleaf Japanese Maple Trees in Oregon

by Founder Marti Willis

Pruning Laceleaf Japanese Maple Trees in OregonThose of us who are fortunate enough to live in  the beautiful Pacific Northwest are able to relish in  its distinct seasons. We  are lucky to enjoy a variety of beautiful plants and trees which enhance our landscape throughout the entire year. And yes, no matter how many times we wish for the sun to shine, we never seem to mind the rain.  For it  keeps our Northwest air clean and our vegetation lush!

Chances are, if you do live in this area, and specifically  the Portland area, you may have a Laceleaf Japanese Maple in your own yard. With its unique branch structure, delicate leaf formations and vibrate colors throughout the seasons, it tends to be, after all, one of the most popular trees that we have in Oregon, and specifically the surrounding Portland area. You see this type of maple tree around every turn. This is the type of maple tree that I specialize in.  

No matter what size of yard you have, this maple tree was most likely purchased and planted  with a specific area and look in mind. The intention being, to utilize the beauty and the ability that the Japanese Maple has to blend its natural growth and structure into a yard's unique landscaping. In many of our older more established neighborhoods in the Portland and surrounding areas,  you will quite often find these spectacular old growth trees.

The Laceleaf Japanese Maple is the variety of maple  tree which usually appears in a cascading, weeping, or mound formation.  Because of its unique visual quality, when pruned and shaped properly, it often lends its artistic beauty to being the primary focal point of your yard. Left alone, it can be an unhealthy tree that appears to be an overgrown "blob" in your landscape, and has you wondering, "What can I do to beautify this tree?"

This is where Manicured Maples can  help.    I personally perform all Laceleaf Japanese Maple tree pruning and shaping, and take pride in every job I do. By working directly with you, the customer, I review the physical attributes of each tree. The branch structure, lines, angles, flow, and density, are all taken into account when determining the necessary design required for each of these maples. This allows me to know how best to open and match each tree to it's surrounding landscape when transforming it into the true thing of beauty that it deserves to be.

I am dedicated to customer satisfaction and would appreciate the opportunity to work with you in the future.

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laceleaf japanese maple trimming



"I cannot thank you enough for coming back to trim my tree. It hasn't looked this good since Mr. Ito trimmed it about 10 years ago. Every time I walk up the driveway, I am delighted by your work. My aged Japanese Maple looks just the way it is supposed to look!



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